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November 09, 2008



I'm some kind of a ghoul.

Agnes Moorhead's character annoys me to no end in this episode and I usually end up rooting for the bad guys.

It is a great piece of OTR, though. No doubt about that.


I think its acrime that agnes moorhead did not get the movie of of mrs.albert stevenson


I agree, I hated Agnes' character, but I thought it was an interesting story.


I don't think she's supposed to be likeable...she's a paranoid old woman prone to letting her imagination get the best of her. I rate "Sorry, Wrong Number" at least on the same level as "War of the Worlds." Too bad most people today only know Agnes Moorhead from "Bewitched" because this is a real tour de force.


This wasn't the only Suspense radio play that was made into a movie. 'Cabin B-13' was made into a noir(-ish) movie, called 'Dangerous Crossing' in 1953. Not as good as the movie version of 'Sorry, Wrong Number', but very enjoyable and suspenseful nevertheless.

Christine A. Miller

Hi Edwin,
You are right. I should revise that. Actually, I think there might be one or two more episodes besides Cabin B-13 that became films as well. So, let's just say that "Sorry, Wrong Number" is the most famous episode to be made into a movie. Best, Christine

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