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June 13, 2009



Unannounced two week visit?
I haven't even listened to this one yet but I already hate these two. I hope they wind up under the rosebush.


Paul and Carol spend most of the episode cleaning up the farmhouse --so in a way, they get what they deserve.


Another TERRIBLE episode.

The characters are not real people -- just busybody pieces of aural cardboard.


Perhaps you are taking it too seriously?


The episode was ok, but HARLOW WILCOX MUST DIE!


I agree that the episode was awful. Characterization wasn't the half of it--it had bad writing and a bad story. The amount of bad OTR telegraphing was unforgivable, especially considering there was straightforward narration from Ellen Drew in other parts of the episode, so they wouldn't have had to be all that clever to eliminate a lot of bad dialogue. But they had to have crap like: "Say, she's going over to the rosebush! Well how about that, she's cutting some roses! She's putting them on that mound!"

The ending was also tremendously unsatisfying.

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