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February 01, 2010



Sound like such a cool festival, rather jealous!

Were any of these films you've linked ever done on the radio?

Great site btw


Thanks, Toby. I did look around for radio adaptations of the films shown at this year's festival, but I have only found two so far. Lux Radio Theatre did 1 hour versions of Pickup on South Street (6/21/54) and Slattery's Hurricane(3/6/1950). You can find them at Tennessee Bill's OTR under the Lux Theatre page.
That page includes Lux's version of Deadline U.S.A., which was shown during last year's festival, as well as, their adaptations of the more famous noir films: Double Indemnity, The Third Man, Leave Her to Heaven, etc.
That's all I've come up with! Thanks again, - Christine

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