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September 09, 2012


Armand S.

Awesome. Looking forward to see and hear the results of your efforts. Kudos to you for your commitment to finding the original stories too!

Ron Oliver

We love you Christine - keep up the great work, honoring these terrific shows; given the huge influence of their work on the careers of many of us in the business today, the actors, the stories, the writers and producer/directors of SUSPENSE and ESCAPE should never be forgotten...!


Thanks so much! I am trying to collect all of the source works used for these two shows--if that is still possible. (It isn't as simple as you would think.) Thanks to some resourceful S.F. public library reference librarians, I have been able to obtain digital copies of some of the more obscure short stories I've needed. But, I still don't have them all...
Anyhow, I hope everyone enjoys the improvements and projects that I have in the works.
Love ya, too! --Christine


Keep on truckin'! You do a great job and one of the few people who do OTR right. Thanks for all you do.


Thank you Christine for your hard work. You are giving OTR some good visibility. I love collecting old books and magazines too.


Thank you for all you do. You have built something to be proud of here.

Montgomery N.

Excellent work! Love this website. Thank you for clearing the cobwebs off these old shows and making them interesting in a new way.

Jane Bauer

I really enjoy your blog, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

Mike Hobart

Even the most famous radio shows need an advocate to remind us of how good they were, and why we need to remember them.

Thanks for all your hard work.

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