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December 01, 2012



Christine, I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time and all your efforts in bringing all of these great classic stories and stars back to life. My Fiance and I have fused some of our favorite memories with when we listened to Suspense episodes (Don't Call Me Mother as we arrived at the B&B for our 2 year anniversary) and we can't help ourselves for quoting the likes of Agnes Moorehead and Ida Lupino or Cathy Lewis and Joan Crawford. You've rekindled such a love for the women of old Hollywood that we have decided to name the tables at our wedding for seating arrangements after some of our favorites. I don't think we could have had some of the laughs and genuine conversations about these amazing entertainers if he and I hadn't found this page. Once again, thanks so much and please keep em coming.

Justin (and Joe)

Christine A. Miller

Hi Justin and Joe,
Thank you so much, that is really wonderful to know. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage, too. Your wedding table plans sound awesome! Thanks again and best wishes in the future, --Christine

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