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February 08, 2007



Boy, that episode packed a lot of suspense into just 30 minutes... A good episode that still holds up well nearly 65 years after its original airing.

Anne Hockens

Any chance that you will put a Joseph Cotten section on the site?


Hi Anne,
Yes! I'll definitely try to do that.--Christine


What about a Mercury Theatre section instead of a Joseph Cotten section? Orson Welles, Cotten, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins, Vincent Price, Hans Conrad and Everett Sloane - all who are paramount to Suspense.


'Cause Joseph Cotten is in a league by himself! (And, he made the most number of guest appearances on Suspense.) So, there is a reason to have a specific category devoted to him...and his magnetic voice. --Best, Christine


Wow I did not realize Cotten made more guest appearances than others (like Moorehead.)

Regarding this episode, I thought it was pretty predictable but I enjoyed it still, very much!

David Quintana

This episode was one of the all of OTR. Somehow I had NEVER heard of it and listened to it while I was gardening. Started with a sprint and never stopped. How has this not been made into a movie.

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