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February 09, 2007


Craig Gustafson

I disagree (respectfully). I like the subtlety of the idea that Snell, our "hero" is a completely self-centered, pompous idiot who brings about his own destruction precisely because he views himself as "the hero". And though he doesn't have this insight, we do. Elliott Lewis does a great job with this.

If you look at it from the viewpoint that Snell is SUPPOSED to be a total boob, the piece works as a scary satire of "sensitive, artistic types". It's "chuckle-worthy" because that's what it wants to be. Funny and scary.

Although when I transcribed it for performance with an Old Time Radio group, I did include the following lines from the original short story:

CHARLES: But aren’t they heavier than the others, these wax models? You would think they’d be heavier.

ELLA: No. They’re not heavier. I think there’s a lot of them... gone.


Craig, Thanks for your comments. I put episodes in the "Best or Worst" column when they don't seem to have come off they way they were supposed to. I'm glad you stepped up to defend "Evening Primrose." It is a good story.


I listened to this for the first time last night, but I've heard about it for a long time. People seem to really like it or hate it.

Put me in the "really like it" column. I liked the married couple at the beginning, the idea of a secret society in department stores after closing, enjoyed the main characters(especially Ella and the evil leader of the colony)...just thought it was an overall good show.

I'd like to see the musical TV version. Anthony Perkins in the lead would be interesting.


I recall that it was a great and chilling episode from my childhood. Who adapted and produced the program?

Michael O'Brien

Yep, really enjoyed this one. Good creepy fun.


Actually, I just saw that the musical starring Tony Perkins is on Netflix streaming for all to enjoy as of January 2012. Just do a search in Netflix for "evening primrose" and you're there!
I do sound effects for a live radio show reading in Riverside, IL, and we are doing the play this week.


Hi Marty,
Thanks for the info. I knew it came out last year on DVD, but I still haven't seen it myself. (Will put that on my to-do list.) What a fun job to do sound effects. Good luck with the play! --Best, Christine


Yeah, I have to side with best. The concept was so cool and it really has a dark side to it. Freaked me out as a kid.

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