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March 25, 2007



Unfortunately I can't find anything online elsewhere at all about the CBS radio series Out Of This World. Did it actually exist?


I guess that should be clearer. Out of this World was the name of the series before it was changed Escape. The first audition episode was done for Out of this World, and then the second audition episode was done under the title of Escape-and the series went on from there.
Here is a link to an episode log.


Greg Sturman

I believe the other segment of the British horror film 'Dead of Night' that is mentioned in the post, 'The Phantom Coachman' is not an urban legend but an original short story, 'The Bus Conductor', by E. F. Benson, most notable for his 'Mapp & Lucia' series of comic novels. (Benson also penned another superb horror tale, 'Caterpillars' which is worth checking out.)


Hi Greg,
Thanks for your comment. You are right, "The Phantom Coachman" by E.F. Benson was the original basis for the movie. ( However, since it was published in 1906, the story has developed into an urban legend/classic ghost story.)
I've never read "Caterpillars" before, but fortunately, they have it over at
Creepy story! Thanks,--Christine

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