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March 05, 2007



Daws Butler used the voice he would later use for his "Mr. Jinks" cartoon character in the Pixie and Dixie cartoon.


Not only is this a good story start to end it has De Kelley in it! Not to familiar with the voice work of Mr. Butler but there was no Yogi in this story. I used to do a half decent Yogi bear. I tried to look but didn't find any other radio work by Kelley so this must have been rare. I know he played in western film/tv so maybe he's in some westerns radio shows. I have heard Gene Roddenberry's name as writer on a few western shows, makes you wonder what Star Trek would have done had it come earlier to radio.... I have heard several sci-fi radio shows which it is painfully obvious that some of early Trek borrowed from. Of course I think some of the same writers of those radio shos did work later on Trek scripts as well.

Good show, thanks!

Vulcan Girl

YAY~!!!1 I LOVE DeForrest Kelley!!!
Bones FTW!!! ^^ <3

Morgen Fliegen

According to the L.A. Times (8/4/57), this was the first professional script by writer Robert Juhren (who at the time was a member of the CBS radio transcription department).

From 1974-82, Mr. Juhren scripted 30 episodes of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater.


Thanks for the info about the scriptwriter! "Flesh Peddler" is an impressive first effort. - Christine


It was great, up to the point where we discover that the dummy is actually... an evil midget. Cornball!


Thanks for spoiling the program before I could hear it, "Jman"! (Ass!)

jet aho

love "Flesh peddler" and own it on cassette. where else can this be heard? my copy is worn! it's not incl. on Suspense @ oldtime radio(

Cynthia H

The voice Daws Butler used, I associate with Pete Puma. It's a faintly southern, sort of mush-mouthed voice.

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