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March 09, 2007


Chris O'Brien

I have to alert you to an inaccuracy in this post. The "Escape" performance of "The Most Dangerous Game" does not include Orson Welles, that wonderful voice, but another splendid voice actor Paul Frees--it even says so in the spoken credits at the end, and this is a voice I know very well, having been the son of a radio and voice acting enthusiast. Frees is the voice of Boris Badinov, the spinning history discs of "The Time Machine," Ludwig von Drake, the "Ghost Host" at Disney World's Haunted Mansion, half the characters in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" (American dub), etc. etc. etc.
for more info.
Please note that the Wikipedia article mentions a number of projects in which he served as a "Orson Welles sound-alike" (I agree he does in the Escape episode, but not in "Stan Freberg's USA").
Thank you for a superior site! I am fast becoming a fan.
Chris O'Brien

Chris O'Brien

Dear "Escape and Suspense!"
I owe you an apology for my hasty post--rereading it, I realize that you did not claim that the star was Orson Welles! Sorry. However, I think that it is good to declare Paul's role here, because this seems to be a relatively forgotten major role for him, and many might be very pleased to find this fascinating recording. I am pretty overjoyed. The first time I listened, I was under the impression that you'd said it was Welles, and totally believed it till the end credits. Then listening again, I realized my mistake.
Well, sorry again but glad once more to thank you for this episode and the rest of the site.
Chris O'Brien

Mr. Ubu

Just wanted to let people know about a new radio theater version of The Most Dangerous Game that actually uses sound samples/dialog from both the Suspense and Escape versions. It can be listened to at:

Kenneth Sexton

Hello there! Thanks for posting these episodes!
It might interest you (and other readers) to know that Suspense produced 'The Most Dangerous Game' more than once. In addition to the 1943.09.23 episode starring Orson Welles which you have posted, Suspense produced another adaptation of this tale which aired on February 1, 1945. It stars frequent Welles collaborator Joseph Cotten as Rainsford, and J. Carrol Naish as General Zaroff. It's available for streaming or download at Direct link:



Hi Kenneth,
Thanks for the info! I don't know why that episode wasn't included in this post earlier.--Christine

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