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April 08, 2007



It's fun to listen to Ralph Edwards in top form as he slowly goes gaga. ; ) Great episode!

Armand S.

Hey there, I damn well LOVE this site! Kudos!

I've heard quite a few of the Escape episodes (my favourite radio series), but was also delighted to see this Suspense episode based on a short story by H.R. Wakefield, one of my favourite writers of ghost stories and horror tales. However, this radio episode has a few elements of two of his short stories, I think: one is "Blind Man's Buff" (being in a pitch dark room, with something brushing the character's face...maybe, um, a bat. and yes, "buff" is the right spelling), and the second is "The Red Lodge" (a number of menacing figures/ghosts looking at oneself, and a history of people killing themselves by running into water - though it was a river in this tale, not over the edge of a cliff and into the ocean). The former short story is a great little tale with a great ending. But I should note that "The Red Lodge" is probably one of the most goddamned creepy ghost stories ever. Just thinking about it truly gives me chills, it has so many memorable moments. The atmosphere of menace that Wakefield creates for that one is great. Seek it out!

Anyway, just a little curious notation. Thanks!


First of all, Ralph Edwards is absolutely fantastic here.

This a great, spooky story. Yes, I listened with the lights off! :-)

Donald Mitchell

Thank you for providing this show. I listened to this years ago and have been looking for it. Enjoyed it very much! Donnie


This is one of my favorite Suspense episodes and I heard it again yesterday because I had forgotten the name of it. Luckily I found it here!

This episode is creepy for sure but to me, it's great fun. I always get a big laugh out of Edwards' reaction to the bat and him talking to the people upstairs. Hahaha, what fun!

Mark Norton

Absolutely wonderful. A genius bit of acting and pacing. As creepy as I've heard.

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