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May 07, 2007



One of my all time favourite OTR shows from any genre. Great story and well done. Have heard it several times throughout the years and never tire of it.


I agree. 2462 is an exceptional episode. - Christine


See Christine agrees with me! :) And to perhaps add to the enjoyment of this episode for some I have transcribed it and it is at the Generic Radio Workshop direct link to it is


Wonderful! Thanks so much! - Christine


I know Suspense is in the Public Domain but does that mean the scripts are as well? Could the author not have a copyright on their original work? I've tried to find out about George Bamber and there is currently a George Bamber in film as a first and second assistant director. If he was say 20 when he had his first script for Suspense used in 1958 he would be 70 now and could have started in film in the early 90's at the age of 50ish. There is a 1971 futuristic environment themed novel from 1971 by a George Bamber with 1 negative and 1 positive review.

I would like to know if there is a copyright on this story 2462 by George Bamber. If you are reading this George or his agent please make a post :)

here is a list of all George Bambers work on Suspense.

Suspense scripts by George Bamber by date

May 25, 1958 Like Man, Somebody Dig Me
February 1, 1959 Return To Dust
April 19, 1959 See How She Runs
August 16, 1959 Like, Man, Somebody Dig Me
November 1, 1959 Re-Entry
December 20, 1959 A Korean Christmas Carol
Fevruary 28, 1960 Lt. Langer's Last Collection
April 17, 1960 Tonight At 5:55
July 10, 1960 Report From A Dead Planet
November 6, 1960 The Green Lorelei
October 29, 1961 Death Of An Old Flame
January 21, 1962 2462

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