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July 13, 2007



I can't wait to hear how each actor (particularly Berle and Price) portrays Sam. Thank you! I love your blog.


Only heard the 1950 version thus far and it is a great radio tale. If done today I can see where the ending would be different though. I'd classify both Escape and Suspense as "horror". Maybe not the blood and gore kind or the monster kind but definitley alot of it involves angry psycho's along violence and madness. Now I have to listen to the other versions and see which is best.

Alan O'Brien

This is one of the very best. I first heard the Price version and I prefer that. The Berle version is more or less identical but it has a short introduction.

Price plays an actor whose [i]amour propre[/i] is massively disturtled when his director sacks him and tells him that as an actor he is garbage!

He is sacked, bizarrely, from the role of bell-ringer! Since when has bell-ringer been the prime role in any play??

He decides, correctly, to kill the director and, brimming with confidence, he buys a shotgun and ONE bullet. He knows he won't miss!

Drama but some good laughs in this James Poe classic!

Alan O'Brien

I may have been too quick with my quip, "He is sacked, bizarrely, from the role of bell-ringer! Since when has bell-ringer been the prime role in any play??"

I have since heard an episode of "Murder at Midnight" where bells play a pivotal role and where a bellringer is indeed one of the main roles.

Christine A. Miller

Thanks, Alan! That is good to know. Best, Christine

Alan OBrien

The episode I was referring to is Death Tolls a Requiem.

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