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July 28, 2007



Wow.Talk about propaganda--"Eastern War Time, Central War Time, Pacific War Time." Yikes.

Cameron Estep

I enjoyed this episode very much. I remember reading the original story first when I was in high school then later on when I was in college I discovered the Suspense radio version of Woolrich's tense thriller and I felt both the story and radio play did justice. I like the radio play due to the performance of Otto Kruger whom I have seen in a number of movies from the 1930's and 1940's such as Alfred Hitchcock's Saboteur as the sinister spy Charles Tobin, Dracula's Daughter as the psychitrist Jeffrey Garth, Wonderman as the District Attorney, and in the film noir thriller Murder, My Sweet with Dick Powell as Philip Marlowe and Kruger playing a phony and fraudulent mystic. This is one of the most shocking and suspenseful short stories I ever read by Woolrich. The ending is a double shock. Conried is pitch perfect as Kenshaw. This is one episode you Suspense fans should not miss. P.S. I love this website

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