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August 03, 2007



Great site Id like to add it to
It's a site that many have used to show off there best work


Sure, go ahead and add it. Thanks!


I would put this episode on the "worst" side personally...


I completely agree: The 1956 Alfred Hitchcock Presents version is superior to the 1988 Ray Bradbury Theater version. Indeed, And So Died Riabouchinska might be the best episode of the entire Hitchcock series. It is better scripted, better acted and better directed. And the doll, Riabouchinska, is much classier and endearing.

This is somewhat surprising, given that Ray Bradbury wrote the short story that it's based on. I would expect his version to be better, but I'm sorry to say it's downright bad.

Since I haven't read the short story, I can't say which version is more true to its origins. Either way, the Hitchcock version is better.

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