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August 30, 2007


Kevin Gleeson

I took up the pursuit of listening to every Suspense recording available, first to final episode. This episode and "The Yellow Wallpaper" were the only two I couldn't get myself to finish.

(I guess monologues narrating a descent into mental illness don't hook my attention). Can anyone tell me if it's worth enduring?


Hello, Kevin - - This is a year after your question, so my reply may be irrelevant by this time. Have you listened to "Pages From a Diary" by now? Mr. & Mrs. Jim Backus turn in fine performances. But Mr. Backus always seemed to put in the effort to deliver a good performance whether it was in "Suspense!", "The Alan Young Show," "Gilligan's Island," a Mr. Magoo cartoon or appearances on "What's My Line/" or "Password." This is the first time I've heard Henny Backus, but she does well, too.
Having said all that, I can't really recommend this episode. Most of it is what you call a "monologue narrating a descent into madness." It isn't a particularly interesting story although there is a bit more to it than you think. If I were to say yea or nay to your taking twenty-four minutes of your time to listen to this, I would suggest you find an episode other than this one. It wasn't worth the time to me.
Also, "Yellow Wallpaper" proved depressing and disturbing. I am second to no one in my admiration for and appreciation of Agnes Moorehead, but I disliked "Yellow Wallpaper" very much.
In both episodes, my complaint is with the story, the plot, and not with the acting.
If you did, indeed listen to either or both of these, I would be interested in knowing what you thought.

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