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September 02, 2007



Nobody does doom and gloom like Vincent Price. This is a great performance. Not as good as "Three Skeleton Key", but still an outstanding episode of this amazing series.

Alan O'Brien

James Poe was a bit of a phenomenon. Rave Notice is probably his best but Bloodbath is his most exciting. The action is more or less non stop. Right from the outset we are in the midst of some ne'er-do-wells who have arrived at a pre-determined area and found that it is the biggest uranium mine in the whole world!!

They soon realise how rich they are going to be. One of them even says that they will be trillionaires. Surely that word's first appearance ever on American radio.

Almost immediately the gang go mad with greed and the play become like a Treasure of the Sierra Madre on crack.

Everything is chucked at them. Piranhas, boas, vampire bats, quicksand - Price must have wished he had stayed home and bendicted some eggs! The outcome is not important. Here what is important is the journey, which is quite unbelievably exciting. 5 out of 5, well done again, James and Vincent!


Hi Alan,
Yes, I agree, James Poe was amazing and "Bloodbath" is a great episode. It is still one of my favorites from Escape.--Best, Christine

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