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October 21, 2007


Tom Gabriel

In this episode of Suspense, Howard Duff played the role of a detective the character played by Hans Conreid calls "Sam". Suspense producer William Spier also produced "The Adventures of Sam Spade", about Dashiell Hammett's famous "Maltese Falcon" character, starring Howard Duff in the title role. It appears Spier decided to have a little fun in this episode with a sort of "cameo" appearance by the central character of another of his own shows!


This is easily my favorite OTR Horror story, a real chiller and a perfect episode to dig out each year for Halloween.

By the way Christine, your MP3 is mistitled with the year 1945 in the filename. On the topic of MP3 there's a really good quality file of this episode supplied by TheWhistler if you're interested:


OK, thanks DCDayDreamer, I'll have a listen! Best,--Christine


I like the fact that this is a future possible event. Obviously, the Hans Conried character is NOT going to sell Robert Taylor the house. Or, at least, he would show him the mss. But today, with these unscrupulous mortgage deals, who knows what he would do?


why on earth would you spoil what’s happening in the story? what a bummer.

p.s. ghost/horror stories on christmas are a tradition in uk culture.

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