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December 09, 2007



I saw the "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" version of this on TV and thought it was great, but the Peter Lorre version you posted is far superior. I can just feel Hubert's frustration and growing insanity. Hermione is so annoying that I felt like burying her in the basement myself. And Miss Marcum is just the opposite...absolutely loveable. I really enjoyed this.

Cameron Estep

I have to say this is one of my personal top favorite episodes to hear because Peter Lorre is one of my favorite actors. I first heard this story on Escape and I thought it was a good one because Eleanor Audley captures the shrill and domineering qualities of Hermione until she meets her grim and yet to me well-deserved end. Later I heard the first two Suspense versions and out of both of them the 1943 version with Lorre is terrific and he does a fantastic job of the meek and mild-mannered professor who then becomes mad with frustration and hatred for his shrewish wife. When he goes mad at the end I was literally getting the shivers. I finally did read the short story and was shocked at how the husband dispatches his wife. I also saw the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV version with John Williams as Herbert and Isabel Elsom as Hermione and thought Hitchcock did a very good job filming the dark yuletide story. Glad to see others enjoy this story

Christine A. Miller

Hi Cameron,
Thanks for your comment. I agree with you -- especially about Eleanor Audley! Happy holidays, Christine

Cameron Estep

I would like to mention that Irene Tedrow who plays the domineering Hermione in the 1956 Suspense version with Herbert Marshall as the henpecked Prof. Carpenter also appeared that same year in the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV version of this story but as Mrs. Hewitt, one of Hermione's friends.


love this story. first heard the ESCAPE version, so fun to hear this Peter Lorre SUSPENSE.
I will have to track down the original story to see what "gruesome" elements were left out.

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