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December 23, 2007


Paul F

Is this a predecessor of The Goonies???


Seems like one. This episode is similar to The Goonies!

Cameron Estep

This is one of my favorite Suspense episodes to listen to especially around Christmas time. Now I have listened to both the Escape and Suspense versions and I have to say I much prefer the Suspense version because the music in that one is excellent and also the cast in that one is great including John Dehner, Ben Wright, Raymond Laurence, Ellen Morgan, Larry Dobkin, and Hans Conried. I love Conried's portrayal of Captain Blackton. I also find it interesting that Conried plays a pirate captain in this radio play and that he also played another more famous pirate, that of Captain Hook on the screen in the animated Disney classic Peter Pan. I like how Suspense managed to do a nice Christmas story with a touch of mystery and childhood fantasy without any murder or cold-blooded villains. Happy Christmas, everybody.

Christine A. Miller

Hi Cameron, Happy Christmas to you, too! - Christine


"The Cave" Written by Antony Ellis
Was produced FIVE different times on THREE different series. Three of the five productions survive.

12-24-50 - ESCAPE
12-20-55 - SUSPENSE
12-22-56 - ROMANCE

Signing off for now,

Stewart Wright

Christine A. Miller

Thanks, Stewart! It is too bad there aren't more episodes of Romance available. Best, Christine

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