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December 25, 2007



Christine! Thank you for such an interesting site! I am in my late 40s, but have been a huge fan of vintage radio shows for about 30 years. It is so nice to read your stories about the episodes and especially nice that you list the casts. Boy, talk about overlooked stars of entertainment! Thank you, again, and keep up the GREAT work!


Thank you! Don't worry, I shall continue this site until I run out of episodes that are worthy of writing about. Right now, I still have about six hundred episodes of Suspense left to sort though, so there is much more to come. Also, I agree with you about the "overlooked stars of entertainment." Since I started this site, I have become particularly impressed with Joseph Kearns. Was there any role on Suspense that he couldn't play? What a versatile actor! Thanks again,

Paul Brennecke

Christine - I love this blog! I just discovered it over Christmas while I was looking up Barbara Stanwyck on Wikipedia and one link led to another. Your comments are great and your research every informative. The external links are great, too. I had no idea so many episodes of the TV series were available, that's wonderful! I saw one episode at the Museum of TV and Radio years ago, and at the time it was the only one they had. Something about a bomb at a factory, I think. I have been a big fan of Suspense for about 20 years. I started listening to it when the company I worked for decided to publish Suspense on audio cassette in 12 tapes sets back in the 80's. I was in the fortunate position of editor/audio engineer/executive producer of the repackaging/sales efforts for catalog sales. In the 90's we packaged Suspense for retail sales in 4 tape collections under the banner "Tales of Mystery & Suspense!" Some of my favorite shows are "Death Has a Shadow" w/Bob Hope, "A Little Piece of Rope" w/Lucille Ball, "Ghost Hust" w/Ralph Edwards and of course "The House in Cypress Canyon." Keep up the great work! I'll keep reading! Best Regards, Paul Brennecke

P.S. I will also try out some Escape shows now. Can't remember why I never got into it. : )


Hi Paul,
I'm glad you found us! Thank you for your informative comment. The work you did on the Suspense cassette collection sounds quite interesting. (By the way, the episode you saw at the Museum of Television and Radio was "The Lunch Box." I recently went there to watch it myself.) As for Escape, do give it a chance. Escape's Three Skeleton Key is far and away the most popular episode on this website -- so far. I started listening to Escape when I was at work -- to escape from doldrums of my job in the afternoons. That is one of the reasons why I am so fond of that show.
Thanks again,

Mike N.

Hi Christine: I have surfed your net before. I just ran across it again to see if there were any programs I have not heard. I liked your photo at the top of the page for Christmas. Who is the woman in the photo? Is that you? Also, is that a record player or radio on the floor. Thanks, Mike


Hi Mike,
Glad you came back. No, that isn't me in the photo. I'm a bit younger.
I posted this photo because I thought the lady in it projected the kind of gracious living that we strive for here at Escape and Suspense! Aside from that, it was the only picture I had of a radio wrapped up like a Christmas present. Or rather, I thought it was a radio. Maybe it is a record player. Oh well!

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