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February 16, 2008



I look forward to hearing this, as writer Berel Firestone's widow was a good friend of mine.


I hope you like it. I thought the dialogue in this episode was very effective. Best, Christine


I'm glad Emily was killed off early on. Five more minutes of her whining and I would have had to turn this one off or put my fist through the monitor. :) Talk about annoying! Poor ol' Mr. Reed...

I wish I had heard this episode as a teenager. I might have given up prank phone calls.

After Emily was out of the picture, this was an enjoyable show. Reminded me of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".


Thanks for your comments. Yes, if there is one thing we can learn from Suspense, it is that prank phone calls lead to nothing but trouble! See also the Suspense television episode "Telephone Call" from 1951. It is also about prank phone callers. -Christine

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