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February 10, 2008



Which version would you say was the best of the three?


I don't think the version with Sam Edwards was as good as the other two. Personally, I kind of liked the one with Van Heflin the best.


OK, I'll download it and give it a listen. The synopsis intrigues me.

It was a dark and stormy night last night here in Indiana, so I turned out the lights and listened to "The House In Cypress Canyon". I try to do that a few times each year. :) Fun stuff!


That was great. Loved the plot, dialouge, characters...everything. What I liked best was that it wasn't easily figured out. The guy that I pegged as the red herring turned out to be the killer.


Glad you liked it. Rest assured that here at Escape and Suspense!, we are always here for your entertainment -- especially on dark and story nights. Take care,- Christine


Widmark gives the best performance. Paul Fees is great too as the sheriff. Widmark makes a mistake, he says he puts his shoes on the cafe's counter but he had left them at the shoe shop.

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