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March 01, 2008


Daryl Russ

This is one of those titles I've known for years but I guess the name Saphronia kept me away from it.
Good listening though. I guess you just can't go wrong with Agnes Moorehead.


That is true, you can't go wrong with Agnes Moorehead. (Especially in a Lucille Fletcher radio-play.) They made a great combo.


I'm glad that I listened to this episode for the first time yesterday because if I'd listened to it as a youngster, I would have been creeped out every time we would sing "Work For The Night Is Coming" at church. Oh well, I like "Blessed Assurance" better anyway. :)

This was a good story that became a great radio drama because of excellent performances, the building creepiness and a plot twist at the end that I really didn't expect. Thanks for making us aware of this little gem.

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