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April 13, 2008



This has a lot of great elements to it that really push my Happy button. A classic writer's pulpy scifi story set in mysterious South America. I love it!

If you like South American adventures, Arthur O. Friel was an actual adventurer (like Talbot Mundy) who wrote fantasy tales based on his travels. There are several of his tales at Munseys

Oh, also I found another Suspense producer interview at Golden Age of Radio, this time for William Spier and June Havok.

And one last one for ya, Henry Hull who appeared in “The Pit and the Pendulum” one of the first “Suspense” dramas.


Here at Escape and Suspense! we are always pleased when we push someone's Happy Button. I'm glad you appreciate the finer points of "Green Splotches." It is an interesting story and an unusual Escape episode. Thanks for the links you posted as well. I'll check'em out!

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