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April 20, 2008



From the beginning, I suspected how this ended. Nevertheless the ending came like a knockout punch - - wow!


This was good, but I wish that they had used a different title. It's kind of a spoiler and reduces the impact of the ending a bit.

I've been impressed with the episodes based on the works of John Russell. I had never heard of him before. Thanks for posting a link to his short story collection.


I've just read the short story. It's different than the radio version, and I'm not sure which version is better.


In the short story Pellett isn't really a bad guy. He's just a drunk who has surrendered everything to his habit. His "friend" Karaki loads him onto his little boat while he's in one of his near constant stupors and sails him 800 hundred miles across the ocean. Along the way, and with the aid of Karaki's nursing, he recovers from the ravages of his alcoholism. It turns out that he is actually an intelligent, well educated man; he even begins to recite poetry.

The end of the short story is just the same as in the radio version, except Pellett is ok with the "price" he has to pay for reclaiming his soul.

I'm not sure which of the two versions of the story I like better.

p.s I would LOVE to hear the October 19, 1952 version with William Conrad. Hans Conried was excellent in the '54 version, but I'd really like to hear the other version so I could compare them. Hopefully, the narrator of that version didn't struggle like Mary Jane Croft did in the latter presentation.

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