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April 20, 2008



This is a revelation. Who knew that all those urban legend emails that get sent around the world started with this story. And Fibber McGee and Molly,too.
Well done. This is an excellent site.


"Tain't funny, McGee!"

Sorry, I couldn't resist. :)


Almost a month after my little smart alecky remark, I got around to listening to this. I wasn't expecting much, but Fibber and Molly both turned in strong dramatic performances and the story was really good. I would like to see or hear Mr. and Mrs. Jordan in more dramatice roles. Was this program adapted for the TV series?


Hi Grigs,
No, this episode was not adapted for the television show. (It should have been since it primarily takes place in the car.) I agree that Fibber McGee & Molly did a good job. They are completely convincing as a typical surburban couple.

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