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April 05, 2008


Martin Grams

The "Return to Dust" drama will be broadcast on Neal Ellis' SOUNDS LIKE YETSERDAY on the afternoon of February 28. Details regarding how Bamber created the script and how he submitted it free-lance to Robson and how it was purchased for the series is explained. Sound effects tricks featured in the episode will be revealed. Listeners can hear the drama at from 3 to 6 pm EST as part of a special Rod Serling retrospective since Serling gave serious consideration of adapting the drama for THE TWILIGHT ZONE.


Thanks for the info. I will put this on my calendar. "Return to Dust" is on my list of favorite episodes. It is too bad that it wasn't made into a Twilight Zone episode, that would have been fun!


I hate this episode. It's boring, repetitive, and the ending is completely disappointing.

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