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April 25, 2008


Mike Hobart

I seem to recall this story was featured under the title "The Ravine" on the radio show BRADBURY 13 that was broadcast on National Public Radio in 1984.

Quite a good version too if memory serves.


Wow...William Conrad practicing for his future gig as narrator of "The Town That Dreaded Sundown". Conrad had one of the greatest radio voices ever and he makes an excellent script even better.

This was an excellent program. Ray Bradbury wrote a really good story and the lead and supporting actresses were perfect (I listened to the 1955 version). Thank you for sharing this.

Almost forgot to comment on the the ending. It was beautiful......


i think Lavinia can be scared sometime but not all the time but Francine is more scared then Lavinia and they are both scared of the lonely one


yes this is absoulety dutty !! ha yes sir yes chris yes miles !! some sick made film


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I did visit your blog, Zach, and I enjoyed your honesty about not really wanting to go out and get a job. We've all been there. Keep up the good work on your new blog. - Christine


I didn't visit your blog and don't think I will. But keep up the good work.

As for this Suspense episode "The Whole Town is Sleeping", I didn't know it was a Bradbury story. I also didn't remember the title often thinking it was either "The Ravine" or "113 Steps"

It made an impression many years ago when I first heard it, late at night in the dark.

Alan O'Brien

Lavinia in the ravinia.

Bob Bro

Is there something I am missing here? Is the whole point of the story that Lavinia really did get it in the end? I thought maybe it was going to be her imagination in overdrive until the story abruptly ended.

I played this on my podcast today and I must admit I am still scratching my head.

Bradbury was an outstanding writer (and a HUGE OTR fan. His family moved to Los Angeles when he was 14 and he would hang out in front of the studios during radio shows and often was invited in to watch the proceedings.

Still, this story has me a bit perplexed.

Carol Evans

Who did actor will wright portay in the 1955 version?

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