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May 04, 2008



I listened to the Suspense version. It was a really good story, but Vincent Price just took it up to the next level. I've never heard this mentioned in discussions of great Suspense episodes, but it desrves to be, based on Price's performance.


I agree. All of the episodes of Suspense (and Escape) that were written by James Poe and which starred Vincent Price are among their very best. Vincent Price just had that special magic in his voice that could make a story come alive! - Christine


Stalls out at 03:14 and will not reload. Curiously, the Suspense version also has the same problem.


I'll have to use headphones to hear this one. The volume is so low, even when turned up full, that ambient household sounds drown out the program.
I'm looking forward to this one. Vincent Price is always priceless.

Christine Miller

Sorry about that, I need to update all the audio files on this website. It is on my project list!


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