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June 29, 2008


Michael Hoskin

The first time I heard this episode was shortly after I had seen Psycho; sensing similarities what with the theft, driving to Mexico and stopping at a remote hotel, it made this episode feel more dangerous than it actually was.


I hadn't even thought of Psycho, but you are right. This episode is odd because the beginning seems very intense, very noir. At the end, the whole thing turns into a frolic. Still, even if it isn't quite what is expected, Lucy and Desi are entertaining. - Christine


I agree completely.
This won't be one of my all time favorite Suspense episodes but seeing Lucy and Ricky...I mean, something like this was pretty fun, even if the ending was a little weak.

And the Psycho beginning is a little off throwing. I was glad when the story went in another direction. If she'd landed at one of those typical California motels, I would have probably turned it off.


awesome episode..not a big lucy fan, but this show had it of the best..
the ending was not "weak"


I loved the happy ending this had unlike so many

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