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September 28, 2008


Katharine Lhota

I was curious after hearing both radio versions of "Rim of Terror," so I sought out a copy of the original novel. Reading the book fleshed out the story for me, and extended it with one final nasty enounter with the evil "Mr. Smith." I loved the characters of Elizabeth and Alex and their adventures in the radio drama, and loved the novel because it added to what I already knew, and took the story further. My imagination drifted to thinking: What if "Rim of Terror" could have been made into a movie in 1950, or '51? I would have wanted the same leads for the film. "Rim of Terror" for "Escape" is an example of two actors who are perfectly cast for their roles. Nancy Kelly's Bostonian accent (she drives a 'cah') gives an authentic ring to her being a New England girl. Maybe not Vermont, but close enough! Hans Conried is not a conventional romantic leading man, which makes him exactly right for Alex. Hans Conried would have been physically right from the author's description, too: tall, dark, about 30.
--Kay Lhota


I'm glad you read The Rim of Terror. I liked the characters of Elizabeth and Alex -- and of course, Torkel. (It also made me want a Bentley-Maximus.)
It would have been interesting if Rim of Terror had been made into a movie. It probably would have been pretty good!

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