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November 09, 2008



I'm some kind of a ghoul.

Agnes Moorhead's character annoys me to no end in this episode and I usually end up rooting for the bad guys.

It is a great piece of OTR, though. No doubt about that.


I think its acrime that agnes moorhead did not get the movie of of mrs.albert stevenson


I agree, I hated Agnes' character, but I thought it was an interesting story.


I don't think she's supposed to be likeable...she's a paranoid old woman prone to letting her imagination get the best of her. I rate "Sorry, Wrong Number" at least on the same level as "War of the Worlds." Too bad most people today only know Agnes Moorhead from "Bewitched" because this is a real tour de force.


This wasn't the only Suspense radio play that was made into a movie. 'Cabin B-13' was made into a noir(-ish) movie, called 'Dangerous Crossing' in 1953. Not as good as the movie version of 'Sorry, Wrong Number', but very enjoyable and suspenseful nevertheless.

Christine A. Miller

Hi Edwin,
You are right. I should revise that. Actually, I think there might be one or two more episodes besides Cabin B-13 that became films as well. So, let's just say that "Sorry, Wrong Number" is the most famous episode to be made into a movie. Best, Christine

Richard McLeod

Miriam Hopkins flew to Australia in the early 1950's to perform "Sorry, Wrong Number" on the LUX Australian Radio Theater. She performed the complete 1 hour version as written by Lucille Fletcher.

The complete 30 minute Radio Version is rarely heard today in the States, but has been available through various sellers of the Australian LUX Radio Shows. Miriam Hopkins was flown to Australia on Pan Am Airlines courtesy of the LUX Australian Radio Stations.

All 8 different Radio versions were done in the States in the 30 minute mode with the great Agnes Moorehead.

The 1 Hour Radio version starring Miriam Hopkins is quite well done as one will hear if they have never heard the 1 Hour Radio Version.

Interestingly, Miriam Hopkins was once married to Anatol Litvak, who directed the Movie version with Barbara Stanwyck. And, Bernard Hermann (who also wrote the musical score for Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" and many other movies and plays,) was once married to Lucille Fletche who originally wrote the play "Sorry, Wrong Number". There are many interesting connections to this Radio Play.

To me they all did a great job. I hope the Australian LUX version can eventually be heard on Youtube, as Miriam Hopkins is extremely good as the neurotic Mrs. Elbert Stevenson

Eventually and hopefully. one will be able to hear the full 1 hour version in addition the various 30 minute versions performed by Agnes Moorehead over a 20 year period on Radio.


I think maybe if they portrayed her in a different way it would have made this story a little better but other than that is was a great story.


I work with the public and run into customers like this ALL THE TIME. Agnes nailed it. I was also amused to no end to find out Lucille Fletcher based the character on a woman who'd harassed her and a friend at a drug store. The best stories are taken from life.

I recently read a book about customer service that discussed the extensive training that "Sorry, Wrong Number"-era telephone operators underwent. So the astonishing (by 21st century standards) courtesy with which the operators in the play deal with this wretched harridan is also reality-based.

Christine Miller

Amen, Dave! I work with the public, too.

What is the name of the book? I would love to read it.


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