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December 27, 2008



Well, this episode lived up to the name "Suspense". I really enjoyed Jackie Cooper's performance.

My personal belief that a guy should never date ladies that he doesn't know was also reinforced! LOL


I agree with you on both counts-- Jackie Cooper was great in this episode, and it is better to know someone before you date them! The Clock and the Rope isn't one of Suspense's blatant cautionary tales, but it does make some effective points.


I have mixed feelings about this one. It's kind of a good thing that they didn't go for the obvious (for Suspense) thing of having the woman just taking advantage of him to kill the man, get his money, and run. But on the other hand, the solution they went with strained credibility more because she was the murdered man's wife. Even in the '40s, they had no way to determine that the man was married? And from that point, you'd think the wife, as next of kin, would be the first person they'd try to find and contact!

I liked the added bit of suspense with the warden though.

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