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February 21, 2009


Michael Hoskin

I've never felt that Escape had that many episodes which were hard to listen to. I agree with you on "Loup-Garou," but I personally love "Sire de Maltroit's Door" and "Pollack and the Poorah Man." To each his own.


Hi Michael,
See, this is why I asked for feedback. We all have different opinions on these things. By the way, I agree that "Pollack and the Porrah Man" is a good adaptation from the short story, but the pacing of the episode is the problem that gets in my way.


"The Return" is a great story up to the last line, which seems rushed to me and therefore a bit anticlimactic. Your thoughts?



Mike Hobart

Ooh, this is a touchy area.

The worst episode on someone's list is likely to turn up on someone else's best list.

I read one of those World's Worst Movies books once and they included several of my favorite films.


Hi Mike,
True... but I still don't believe that "The Loup Garou" is on anyone's list of favorites. I also think that "Misfortune's Isle" is offensive, and I can't recommend it.
Now, here's the thing, writing up Suspense episodes is easy, but writing about Escape episodes is a lot of work. If I don't like an Escape episode, well then it just kind of hangs there on my list week after week after week. So, now I'm trying to figure out what to do about that.
As for the question from Ted about "The Return," the ending doesn't bother me. The guy was in a parallel universe for a while...and a different perception of time is understandable. Kathleen Hite's scripts aren't usually to my liking, but I think that "The Return" is memorable. - Christine


My least favorite 15:

The Loup-Garou
El Guitarero
Benchillina and the Fisherman
Operation Fleur de Lis
The Sire del Maletroit's Door
The Drums of the Fore and Aft
A Tooth for Paul Revere
The Fugitive
Ambassador of Poker
The Man Who Could Work Miracles
Night of the Guns
A Matter of Conscience
Two and Two Make Four
Lilly and the Colonel
Transport to Terror ( I listened to the "Romance" version. It was so bad it made my list of worst Escape episodes, too!)

And if "Transport doesn't count, I'll have to go with our host's choice of "Misfortune's Isle."

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