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May 10, 2009



This is an incredible episode of Escape. Two wonderful actors -- Jack Webb and William Conrad -- in a great show.

P.S. Gifford

I love Dahl- and along with Robert Bloch and John saul, are the three authors who most influence my own style. I find it frustrating that dahl is mainly known for his children's books.


Dahl-ironically enough-had a reputation for anti-Semitism:

Mike Newton

Dramatic statement about human prejudice at a time (the Fifties)when we were just coming to grips with our own prejudice following a war against tyranny. The story is presented so that it can be appreciated at both the basic life and death struggle and also a allegory about our basic fears.

Mike Newton

Escape and Suspense were both suspenseful dramatic programs, but their scripts varied in that Escape's stories were adaptations from classic short stories written by authors, who may not have been known by radio listeners of radio drama. Because of the adaptation from print to audio, people who may not have ordinarily read these works of classic literature were availed of this opportunity. Suspense's radio scripts were usually written for radio audiences who could appreciate imaginative drama.


True. I knew when I started this website that Escape would be the more marketable of the two shows--because they picked classic material to adapt. Suspense usually created their own scripts, but they do have niche in that they adapted so many Cornell Woolrich stories for radio. - Christine


I think this one improves on the original short story, but I think I still prefer the version that appeared on Alfred Hitchcock Presents with Wendell Corey the best.


One of "Escape's" best! The suspenseful aspects could have made this a "Suspense!" episode just as easily. Mr. Conrad was outstanding; Mr. Webb and Mr. Novello were first-rate. Thank you for posting this.

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