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May 03, 2009



CBS Radio Mystery Theatre also had an episode called "The Bullet" that was actually really good. It's totally different from this Suspense episode, which, I'm sad to say, is a good thing.

I did enjoy hearing Ida Lupino and liked her character. The story just seems pointless. I think you were kind by calling the ending "awkward". Oh well, listening to a subpar episode of Suspense is better than watching a reality show.

M. Sloane

I wonder if someone had them back out of the two or three really interesting places this episode was headed. Without issuing a spoiler, I'll say there's a point late in the story where a great potential plot twist is set up. At that point the situation fairly bristles with anything-can-happen possibilities. Unfortunately, what does happen is a betrayal of the story's potential. I enjoy Ida Lupino's acting here -- it's impossible not to feel for her. And Elliott Lewis is a perfect heel. The last-minute story wimp out is odd, considering how many spousal corpses this series generated.

Patte Rosebank

This script was a rewrite of a script done on "Dark Venture", in 1946, as "A Practical Joke". Though the episode seems to be lost, the script survives.

The main characters are business partners in a construction company, and are played by William Conrad (the tormentor) and Elliott Lewis (his victim). When it was re-written for "Suspense", the characters were changed to a husband and wife, who own a garment company.

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