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June 14, 2009



Haha. Just heard the episode for the first time and had to google Ebner to see if there was any resolution. Must've missed the bit about names being changed. What about the tune? I wonder if Soundhound could help (just kidding).
But seriously, I would love to find more info on the true sounds fascinating.

Sterling Ramone

Otto Klemperer, conductor of the LA Philharmonic, suffered from bipolar disorder. In 1939 he had underwent unecessary brain surgery, was institutionalized and vanished. He was later found in New Jersey. His career recovered and he conducted into the 1970s. His son, Werner, was TV's Colonel Klink.

K. Warner

I also can't help wondering if there is a follow-up to this story...did the musician ever materialize?'s the 2nd time I've listened to the broadcast this week and my curiosity is seriously peaked! Anyway, would love to know the whole story.


Is this one the "worst of," list?

It needs to be on the worst of," list.

So, overly melodramatic and then with no payoff. Ugh!


Thank you Warner. 😊 I was about to search for a similar real life disappearance.

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