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July 19, 2009


Armand S.

One of my favourite episodes, especially the ending! Brrr! Chilling!

Mike Hobart

The ending really freaked me out, because I'd read the story years ago and had interpreted the final line as a metaphor. I hadn't expected the radio version to take it literally.


This one was PAINFULLY bad. I'm shocked HG Wells could write something so stupid and insipid.
The fact that the couple had any compassion for humanity is ludicrous. Society had said their love was unacceptable, why would they care what happens to society? The fact that 100 year old war machines that were kept in mothballs were able to almost instantly be usable is ridiculous. The rubber and gaskets would've turned to dust long ago. Where would they get replacement parts? It was like instant war from ancient relics - totally unbelievable. And the fact that EVERYBODY dies in this war is laughable. Even with a nuclear war, there would always be survivors. Humans aren't as powerful as ego-centric humans think they are.

There's more, but you get the idea... I seriously hated this episode.


In response to the comment by brudda about it being too unrealistic I think it's a dream, dreams often make little sense and are more imagery and emotion and surreal. So hating a story where dreams are unrealistic is a poor reason. That the dream gets so out of control and even absurd ads to the sense of dread and despair up to the end where it becomes the most chilling of nightmares. No I like the story especially for it's time, I like the adaptation (though I haven't listened to it in ages) and as for some futuristic technology, who knows they may be built more durably than our standards.

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