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September 27, 2009


When I saw the movie years ago, I was impressed by the convincing dialogue between the two scientists. Of course, when I went back and looked at the original story, the scriptwriter had (wisely) used a lot of Weinbaum's stuff word for word. That's not always the way it works nowadays.

Jeffrey Arnold

I have a question about an episode of (what I believe was) Suspense, unrelated to this post. Here's what I remember:

A guy, a journalist, is putting together a program about a space mission soon to be underway, and at the end, he's out on the street as the people celebrate the successful launch...but he swears that he just saw the pilot walking down the street.
This has been driving me crazy. Does this sound familiar?


Sounds good, but it doesn't sound familiar to me. Maybe someone else knows it? I'll keep an eye out. - Christine

That would be "Cave of Night" by James E. Gunn. An X MINUS ONE broadcast February 1st, 1956

I also remember seeing this on television on the old Desilu Playhouse if memory serves me.


Hi Michael,
You are right. I listened to X Minus One's "Cave of Night." What an intriguing episode (and how relevant to the recent "balloon boy" saga).
X Minus One was such a fantastic show.
Thanks! - Christine

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