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September 20, 2009



I don't think I've heard this before but there is something familiar about the ketchup element of it.

A very good story, well acted and a great ending!

John F Suitor wrote one other story for Suspense called "Fragile: Contents Death" which they aired twice. I'm going to listen to it now.

This is the sort of story that would work better on radio than in a visual medium. We have to imagine for ourselves just how disfigured the stranger is, instead of watching the product of a make-up artist.

Richard McLeod

Gerald Mohr starred in many radio dramas from the Golden Age of Radio most notably Raymond Chandler's The Adventures of Philip Marlowe. Gerald Mohr had the "Million Dollar Voice" for both radio and screen. He also also had the good looks to go with it as he starred in many motion pictures and at the time and was comparable to Humphrey Bogart if not better. He died an early death from a heart attack while working in Sweden.

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