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November 22, 2009


Alan O'Brien

I think this is one of those episodes that shows the very best of Suspense. It sounds like it was based on a true story - but I don't recall that being mentioned on the version I heard.

Robert Cummings plays a vicious baddie; his MO is to answer adverts for fur coats and when at the address he pulls a gun and takes the coat! He reckons that women who sell fur coats are always single or divorced.

In the crime that we hear taking place he also insults and abuses the poor woman, then locks her up in a cupboard! What a bounder!

But things go very bad when the poor old woman's hubby comes home. Vernon soon settles his hash and then, for good measure, gives the poor old bag a permanent wooden overcoat in exchange for the fur one.

The ending is extremely well done. The meeting in the house where a car is for sale is LOADED with tension.

Everyone acts really well. I was totally involved with every character.

Enrique Sanchez

The Stacy Harris version is missing the last 30 seconds! :(

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