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January 03, 2010


Tom Gabriel

Always a pleasure to see an episode I've never heard from Escape, but this one was rather special to me. I read the names Captain Brittles and Lieutenant Cohill, and they immediately struck a chord in my memory. They are two major characters in John Ford's classic cavalry Western, "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" (1949), one of my favorite films. No less than the legendary John Wayne played Captain Nathan Brittles in this film, and it was one of his best roles and finest performances. The young movie heartthrob of the late '40s, John Agar, played 1st Lieutenant Cohill. I don't recognize much familiarity in the plot of the Escape episode when comparing it to the film, but it will be fun to listen and compare the two. I haven't even gotten around to listening to the episode yet as I was so intrigued by the links to the film that I had to post this right away!


Thanks for letting us know. I looked at the imdb record and James Warner Bellah is one of the writers. The plot sounds entirely different though. I'll have to watch the movie! Best, - Christine

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