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April 03, 2010


Alan O'Brien

Not a good one, I'm afraid, despite the cast. Charles Laughton plays a role for which the exigencies of his life had not prepared him: a man desperate for a woman. He sounds totally bored to death and he only livens up when his character pulls out a bottle of hooch.

Havoc is very good. The actress with the punk-rock singer's name is in fact playing herself in her Vaudeville aspect - and in fact there is a small joke at the beginning of the episode: Havoc tells Laughton that Vaudeville is about to make a comeback, which is about as likely as a Betamax version of Waterworld.

The fact is that one guy in a pub could tell you the plot of this one in a minute-and-a-half.... So there was a LOT of misdirected talent flying around in this episode.

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