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July 18, 2010


Mike Hobart

This is a great episode(s). John Dehner is really good as the survivor; the story is gripping and ends in a moving finale.

Having said that, I'm sure that there's an awful lot of the book that didn't make it to this adaptation. I must get round to reading the original novel real soon now...


Hi Mike,
I was kind of scared to read Earth Abides because of its powerful reputation, but I'm glad I did. After being devastated by Jack London's "The Scarlet Plague" I just didn't think I could make it through another story of that kind.
(I pointed out Escape's changes of location partly because of "The Scarlet Plague," which is specific to San Francisco.)
Of all of the books that I have had to read in order to write about Escape's adaptations, Earth Abides was a unique experience. Not a fun read, but very thought-provoking.
-- Best, Christine

David Baker

I am with Mike. This episode really made me want to read the book. Thanks for posting it.

J. Soliday

I was glad to fionally see Earth Abides included on this Escape site. It was actually the first episode that got me into "Escape". It also made me want to read the novel and see what more it brought to the subject. The book is much more dark, complete and thus more satisfying and thought provoking than the two-part Escape episode.
As probably the initial story of its kind, I would highly recommend it to fans of the post-apocalyptic genre (of which there is an abundance of material). Keep up the good work with this website.

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