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November 01, 2010


Snooks Higgins

Very enjoyable recreation! Thanks for arranging permission, Christine!

I love your website and blog, which I visit daily since injuries have made me a captive audience. You're the perfect companion to these shows, yes right now a glass of Roma wine and thou would be very pleasant. (Don't you think it's funny they had to spell it? I saw an interview with one of the Cella family who owned Roma. He mentioned that they always had trouble marketing their wines labeled Cella because it is pronounced SELLA. Their solution worked... Even Snooks Higgins could spell R-O-EMM-A! [Love that accent on the M]).

Christine A. Miller

Hi Snooks,

Thank you!! I'm glad you found my site and I hope that it is helping you recover from your injuries extra-fast. Now that you mention it, I do think it is funny that they had to spell out the word ROMA. I had never really stopped to think about why they took the time to do that.

Thanks again!

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