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May 23, 2011


Rob X

Wasn't this one of the last episodes? And... Maurice Tarplin played The Mysterious Traveler.


Yes, it was the fourth to last episode, and Maurice Tarplin was the Mysterious Traveler, but I wasn't sure if he hadn't been in other episodes of Suspense.


What a find! ...Don't laugh, but I discovered the Suspense episode of Fugue in C Minor along the way (I adore Vincent Price, and it was just the Vincentennial) and then ran smack into the whole Suspense series, which I'd never heard of. (Only been listening to vintage radio for... less than a year.) I just DL'd 60 episodes of Suspense and can't wait to dive in head-first, but this site looks like it's going to be a goldmine.


Hi Chris,
Thanks! I'm glad you found us. We do our best to help. - Christine

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