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October 30, 2011


Kay Lhota

I'm no expert, but I believe that this is the 1943 broadcast, performed at CBS. The earlier NBC Chicago-based "Lights Out" programs have a different sound, and the gong that punctuates the drama is higher in tone. I've listened to many Arch Oboler dramas and he often reused scripts, which has made for a lot of confusion and misdated recordings. The yeast tablet commercial in the middle of this drama with the wartime reference and announced by Frank Martin makes me positive that this is from 1943.


Good episode. I've never been a huge fan of Lights Out but I have read a bit on HHH Holmes, a truly bizarre individual. Surprising he isnt known more these days.
All in all, well worth the time and effort.

Mike Newton

Why don't you post the Chicken Heart episode which was on the Drop Dead LP that came out in the Sixties? You could also post the Bill Cosby routine where he talks about listening to Lights Out on radio. That really is funny and because of that, more people became familiar with Lights Out. Anybody who listened to scary programs on radio back then can identify with Cosby.


Hi Mike,
I did! Back in 2008, I posted both of those.
Classic stuff!

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