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April 25, 2012


Cameron Estep

I really enjoyed this episode and all the others that were written by John Dickson Carr. This one was a great story with a surprise ending at least to me. Paul Lukas was interesting at the stage magician Ludiwig von Arnheim (whose character was featured in a few of Carr's written stories). Also the radio play's plot gimmick was used in a Dr. Fell short story. I would also like to mention for voice identification purposes the person who played Howard White was played by Alfred Shirley who played Dr. Watson on the 1947-1948 season of Sherlock Holmes and the one who played Myron Willard was Ted Osborne who also was the Man in Black for Suspense. Great episode.

Christine A. Miller

Hi Cameron,
Thanks for the info! I'm glad to hear that you like John Dickson Carr because I'm currently working on "The Burning Court". Still finishing up the book, but that will be the next episode that I post. Thanks again! Best, Christine

Cameron Estep

I heard the 1942 version of the novel with comic actor Charlie Ruggles who I thought was funny in Bringing Up Baby with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn but I haven't read the book yet I am going to read his novels soon. I also heard the 1945 version with the snide and cynical actor Clifton Webb (who I thought was great in the film Laura as Waldo Lydecker.

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