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January 27, 2018



New ways to experience OTR? The arrival of a package in the mail? Tell us more, please! I've been away from this site owing to unexpected busyness and hectic times. But I look forward to reading more from you now that you have some new posts.


Are the stamps show here from your package, or are they from a stock photo? If they're yours, they came from outside the USA, I think. Could the package be from Australia?

Christine M

Hey M.B.

Me, too! I started posting again and then everything got hectic and busy. I will follow up with my story soon. The package was from the U.S., the picture above was the only stock photo I could find at the time.

More later,

John B

More please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, I am trying! I am still here, working behind the scenes...

Adam G.

I just want to say THANK YOU, this is a wonderful resource! I sincerely appreciate all the work you've put into this site. You should win an award!


Hi Adam,

Awww, thank you so much! That's nice to hear.

All the best to you,

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